They organised a what in a brewery?

Hello. What a day. The sun was singing the birds were shining (they did a wonderful job on Matt's espadrilles) and we were to perform at the Comedy Club 4 Kids show at The Brewery Arts Centre in the glorious Lake District town of Kendal. Ahh, Kendal... home of beautiful views, wonderful people and, misleadingly named, mint ''cake".

We were joining Martin Mor and Paul Duncan McGarrity on a lovely bill.

The loveliest part was easily the audience. Not only because we had 2 Billies... Billys... Billy's... Billums? Well, we had a Billy and another one. I hope that makes it clear.

Anyway, Billy did a great job of helping Matt steal my sweets and Billy delved very deeply into the socioeconomic and political implications the lack of clay will have for the bee population, under the Total Sloth Domination of a few years previously.

I mean, we all know this but for a young lad to know this and be so articulate about it was hugely impressive.

Hats off to The Brewery Arts for running a terrific venue with such a diverse and creative program. You're our kind of people and so are Comedy Club 4 Kids so if they're organising something near you then go to it! Wonderful.

Keep coming back for more of our adventures!