You must be wondering why I've gathered you all here...


This is the first blog on our site. I'm excited about this; having our own dedicated website. It feels like we're not just mucking about in an art centre anymore. It's a real thing. The natural combination of my improv and comedy background and Carla's background in creative education and theatre is finally something more than chatting twaddle about nothing.

 So keep your eye on this blog. Any ideas we have or important updates will be discussed and presented here.

As we start flaunting our wares around the place we'll have more adventures to share and more ways we can help each other. 

 Our first great adventure will be a week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

 We'll be talking a lot about this so be prepared.

Thanks for coming this far. Feel free to stick around. It'd be no fun without you. 

Eddie X