Improvised storytelling where Anything Could Happen. All we need are your ideas.

"Love this idea! A fantastic way to capture imaginations and great entertainment" Scarlet (Mum)

Frankly we're obsessed with children's imaginations that's why in our shows we bring make believe to life live on stage. The people, the places, the plots, the twists and turns are all created by our young storytellers and If you're feeling brave you can even join us on stage. totally unpredictable, Sometimes ridiculous, always hilarious.

Let's make something special

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Anything Could Happen is more than just a live show

We believe anything could happen are inspiring words because when anything could happen there is no right or wrong answer. Children who feel they have no 'good' ideas start to see the endless possibilities. Engaging them in a way that only comedy can we aim to restore confidence in their creative writing.

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