Anything Could Happen at your Birthday Party!

If you’ve been to a few of our shows you know one of the things we love to do is help children celebrate their birthdays. If it’s your birthday and you’ve chosen to spend it with us then you can bet your bottom that we’re going to find a way to make a story just for you!

Sometimes that has meant I’ve been slipped a piece of paper before the show with a few key words on it to build a story around. The “Pig that thinks it’s a Cow” story springs to mind. Sometimes that means you’ve written or drawn a whole story in advance and we get to bring the whole thing to life for you!


These stories always make our shows extra special so when we’re invited to perform shows at people’s birthday parties the specialness is off the charts!!

“You lot are incredible. Everyone had a brilliant time, it's not often adults enjoy a 6 yr olds party as much as the kids! I will never forget the clam ghost and the hippo riding, beautifully and hilariously directed by Carla. I think we were lucky to book you before you get too big! Thank you from us all x”

I love to meet with families where possible, get to know them, find out what they love about the show and how we can structure it to make sure it’s tailored just for them. All of our shows are completely unique of course but there’s something so special about orchestrating our party shows around how unique the birthday girl or boy is. And during the shows themselves there’s an energy in an audience of family and friends that is completely different in a delightful way from a theatre show. The children are braver, sillier and the story ideas are often wild and wonderful!

“We booked the Anything Could Happen crew for a joint birthday party for our 6 year old daughter and her friend. They were absolutely brilliant, enjoyed equally by the kids and parents. Carla was very accommodating in coming to our house and planning in advance and Matthew and Natalie were superb in bringing the kids' weird and wonderful suggestions to life. Thanks so much to you all for making such a memorable party”

So if you’re planning a kids birthday party and fancy something a little bit different to entertain both children and adults get in touch and let’s see what stories we can bring to life for you and your little ones.

What will your birthday stories be about?