We couldn't possibly comment on our shows...

so we let this lot do it instead.


Educators Said... (Scroll down for our Audience reviews!)

“Hi Carla, it was great, the children are still talking about it! You were both great as always so thank you again. I loved the way you went with the children's ideas/suggestions (no matter how crazy!) The parents were really positive about it and we included some photos in the newsletter”

"Loved how you adapted the performance to all the children's ideas. They loved it all" Five Lanes Primary School

"Fully engaged and motivated. The children are still talking about it!"

"Grabbed the children's attention straight away"

"The children got a chance to express themselves and have a good belly laugh"

"A fantastic way to bring creativity and fun back into storytelling"

"Great fun and all the children were engaged throughout! The team had clearly thought about how to make this subject child friendly and memorable and it certainly was"

Carla as "Florence Nightingale was engaging and informative. Children enjoyed her visit and learned lots of facts"

Matt as "Galileo. Children loved him. He stayed in character and clearly knew his subject matter"

"Haven't laughed so much in ages, brilliant, thank you" Ali, Trinity HomeEd Halifax

"I would just like to say what a fabulous morning the children had with you last week and this is echoed by all the staff. The children are beginning to write their own stories and you can see some of your ideas in their plans. Once again thank you" Ryecroft Academy

Audiences Said...

Hi Carla, thanks again for yesterday at Temple Newsam, we had a great day out! Wes talked of the monkey who needed a banana and yoga frog for the rest of the day!

“We loved this crazy show. Will you come back please?” Temple Newsam Estate

Thank you so much! The kids loved their surprise party and now think I'm the coolest mum ever! Job done. Rukhsana

Just home from our AMAZING event with Anything Could Happen, if you weren't there you missed out big time! The kids were fantastic storytellers and as I looked around the room I saw so many grown ups crying with laughter! We had exploding sheep, Oreos taking over the world, grumpy monkeys, a sad roly-poly snail driving a NY taxi, Dumbledore with pig tattoos and the Easter Bunny teaching dental hygiene to the aliens on the moon 😂Thanks AC team, you made our working Sunday the most fun (and most bizarre) yet!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ event, hilarious show and yummy brunch, thank you to all the Smith's and AC Happen the kids were amazing 😂

Hilarious, unpredictable, fantastic show with Anything Could Happen. at Mrs Smith's Cafe today. Improv totally involving the kids, bringing their make believe to life; what a fantastic atmosphere...I was literally crying with laughter at parts...I want to leave my job and join in...Please? Ruth

Love his little mind jumped from Dwayne Johnson to a nice romantic nap (!!) It's amazing what you get out of them👏

I love this concept so much. Do you do anything that isn't on a Sunday? We're a church going family so Sunday is out! But I have FOMO! 😂

You guys are amazing - you're all super talented! 😊 We had a brilliant time! and we all loved it 😊 xxx

We loved it and are hooked!!!! Thank You x x x

The girls are begging to come today so see you soon!

Dear Carla, What a brilliant party, Thank you so much! You are all so talented. As I said, I heard so much praise about you lot at the party. Hope to see you all again in the future. Love Becky, Hayley, Anna and Leila x

You lot are incredible. Everyone had a brilliant time, it's not often adults enjoy a 6 yr olds party as much as the kids! I will never forget the clam ghost and the hippo riding, beautifully and hilariously directed by Carla. I think we were lucky to book you before you get too big! Thank you from us all and of course the party girls x

We booked the Anything Could Happen crew for a joint birthday party for our 6 year old daughter and her friend. They were absolutely brilliant, enjoyed equally by the kids and parents. Carla was very accommodating in coming to our house and planning in advance and Matthew and Natalie were superb in bringing the kids' weird and wonderful suggestions to life. Thanks so much to you all for making such a memorable party.

“Thanks ACH for the great show today. We enjoyed it very much! Ryan was shy initially but was very proud when he was encouraged to contribute to the show. He asked for the book at the end so he can write his own story”

”Finally managed to get to my first anything could Happen! Great fun especially enjoyed the cowboy pickles and the alien cooking the seal!”

We all had a blast, the ACH team were brilliant with the kids (and the adults). The kids were asked to help with making up stories for the team to bring to life. And they certainly did, it was all larger than life and we all laughed from start to finish.
All for just £4 each! And we've already been told by the girls that we HAVE to go every month! Highly recommended by team smiley  (the girls name for the smith's and dudley's! 😂)”

”We attended for the first time today not knowing what to expect. All of us from 2 to 35 had a fabulous time. Brilliantly run, brilliant fun, brilliant concept, just brilliant, we loved it!”

"Think of it as giving your child the chance for a front row seat to a brilliant comedy show that they can help create" Leeds Dad

“Finding Anything Could Happen has been amazing and has sparked Heidi’s creativity at home even more. However, with these kinds of activities, it is the people running it that make it so special. Without their creativity, passion and a little bit of silliness, the children would not benefit and enjoy the shows. I really hope that Heidi will enjoy the shows for a long time, as I know she will learn so much from them!”

"On the morning of the second show, she woke up with a huge smile, realising that it was Anything Could Happen Day!!"

“Thanks to @anything_could_happen_leeds for an absolutely fantastic show this afternoon. It's a completely unique show that truly taps in to the genius that is a child's mind and transforms their ideas into an hilarious sketch. Takes me back to my younger days watching whose line is it anyway! Can't recommend the show enough, if you are in Leeds and have children... Or can borrow one... See them @sevenartsleeds on the first Sunday of the month at 1pm. See you next month!!!”

“What an amazing sparkles party!!! Thank you Anything Could Happen the girls had the best time” 🎊🎉🎈😍🎂Xxx

“Went to this today. I recommend it. Both kids in absolute hysterics throughout. We'll definitely be back” Miriam

“Well done! Don’t know how you do it!”

“Fantastic first time for me and loved listening to all the kids ideas. Really positive” Emma aged 42

“I loved it when the spiders attacked” Arthur aged 5

“Excellent as usual. Ayesha always enjoys the show and looks forward to this every month” Rachel

“Make it longer!!” Ariella aged 10

“It is the greatest show in the wold”

“This is always brilliant... highly recommended!”

"Highlight of the weekend... Such amazing creativity and so much fun to be in the audience” Leeds Dad

“Thank you for fabulous time! Kids simply loved it and already planning some stories for next show. See you soon!” Mum, Mag

"Such a creative and immersive experience for the kids and so enjoyable to watch for the adults. Can't wait to go back in January!!"

"@AnythingCould brilliantly entertaining storytelling going on in #Leeds today! Creativity at the heart of the show" Cre8tiveswitch

"The girls had the best time on Sunday. Thanks again for another fantastic show!" Mum Jeni

"Love this idea! A fantastic way to capture imaginations and great half term entertainment" Mum Scarlett

"This was SO GOOD! All kids and grown ups had an amazing time" Mum Jo

"The boys really enjoyed being Chipmunks with @AnythingCould at @Seven_Arts. Definitely recommend" Alex Sobel MP

"If you get the chance it’s well worth going to see Anything Could Happen. Great improv show with kids giving the stories with hilarious outcomes" Dad Sean

"Was a fantastic show as always!" Mum Jeni

"Great afternoon yet again! Thanks guys"  Mum Anez

"Thank you so much for the fabulous party you did today for our 7 year old! She loved every second, and we especially loved how you tailored it exactly to all her favourite things. Thanks also to Eddie and Kate, you were all wonderful" Mum Carrie

"So missing your stuff at the moment but the kids have just been too busy! Hope to see you at the next one. Still telling the world about how great you all are though" Mum Ruth

"Looking forward to this today - made my face hurt last time" Mum Carolyn

"Great show Matt coped very well and so impressed with Eddie's professor Snape. Kids loved it. Imagination going on way home with lots of story telling!!! Fantastic can't wait to do it again xxx xxxx" Mum B

"The whole family really enjoyed it! Thank you" Mum Bobbie

"We always enjoy your shows keep up the good work" Mum Asha

"Hulereos" Evie (5)

"We had a brilliant time. Thank you for all the unexpected laughs (I laughed till I cried at one point!) the kids are already asking about next time" Mum Nazneem

"Fantastic, hilarious improvised storytelling today thanks" Mum Jo

"Brilliant as usual, thank you for such a fun afternoon. Emma had to tell everyone about the dragon...erm..'juice'! Look forward to next time" Mum Katy

"Brilliant dragon eggs and brilliant dungeons and dragons storytelling! Really laughed loud, feeling great and boys really enjoyed it wanting more now!" Mum Rukhsana

"Thanks for the great show the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I will definitely recommend you to other groups and to their school. Thanks again look forward to seeing you all again soon xx" Rainbows leader & mum Emma

"Looking forward to seeing you again. Sat here being given a full run through of the last one by my 2! Can't believe they can remember so much of it" Mum Ruth

"It was hilarious" Imogen (7)

"Brilliant show today at Seven Arts Centre in Leeds with Anything Can Happen. Carla, Matt and Eddie in great form but the stars of the show are the kids who make up the characters and the story lines" John

"I really enjoyed it and Louisa loved going up, Great to see so many there" Mum Emma

"Brilliant" The Roberts

"It's always hilarious to see Eddie having a dance off. You're the top best in the world and I wouldn't miss it for anything!" Lucia (9)

"The best play is this play because it is funny. It is the greatest show in the world" Eleni (6)

"I loved it all! I woud like to see you agein" 

"Perfect half term fun!" Mum Helen

"It was our first time and we really enjoyed it. Sophie said it was great fun and Hannah loved her story about making porridge!"

"Keep up the great work"

"Thank you - truly brilliant. Love Scratchy the kitchen elf"

"Energetic, amusing and interactive, terrific value. Thank you for a fantastic time"

"I loved it so much. I will tell all my friends!" Urusla (7)

"It was really funny. They did everything what we told them to!"

"Great event for kids as they explore their infinite capacity for make believe and with your help bring it to life on stage" G,pa John

"I loved it" Ayesha (8)

"A perfect blend of comedy and creative thinking. Fun times all around!" Dad Jack

"I thought it was really funny, I would love to come again. xxx" Felicia (10)

Workshoppers Said...

"Thank you for a brilliant performance and Workshop. I had so much fun with you and my granddaughter." Louise Gibbs

"Absolutely love what you did today. Lily and I can't wait for the next sessions" Mum Lisa

"Thank you so much for today we all had such a fab time!" Mum Naomi

"Thank you! I enjoyed it a lot" Florrie (8)